Toy Story Collector's Edition Chess Set (Ajedrez)


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Some of the most beloved characters from Disney Pixar Toy Story come to life in this Toy Story Collector’s Chess Set depicting them as full-color sculpted PVC figures in the classic 2-player strategy game.

What's Included

1 Game Board
32 Custom Sculpted Chess Movers
Team Woody: Woody (King) Bo Peep (Queen) Ducky & Bunny (Bishops) Duke & Buttercup (Knights) Hamm & Forky (Rooks) Sarge (Pawns)

Team Buzz: Buzz Lightyear (King) Jessie (Queen) Mr. Pricklepants & Slinky Dog (Bishops) Dolly & Bullseye (Knights) Rex & Trixie (Rooks) Little Green Aliens (Pawns)


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